Complaints Procedure

Complaints procedure

Skindeep Clinic is committed to the delivery of high quality services and products to its clients. It is expected that we will aim to provide the best possible service to clients. However, it is acknowledged that on occasions clients may not be entirely satisfied with their experience. Skindeep Clinic therefore welcomes the comments that clients may have in this respect.



Where a client feels unhappy and wishes to make their complaint known, we will inform the individual of the process for making a complaint. The process is also listed below.

clients they can make a formal complaint to us and this may be communicated either verbally and/or in writing.  

These complaints are to be referred to as formal complaints. If Skindeep is unavailable to receive the complaint verbally, clients will be offered the following two options:

1. We can contact them by telephone at the next available convenience to discuss the complaint, or 

2.The client details the complaint in writing. All complaints made in writing should be addressed to Skindeep, Conrah outbuilding, Chancery, Aberystwyth SY234DF

When a compliant is made we will always be courteous in acknowledging this and respect that the client may have legitimate grounds for their grievance.

Wherever possible and always with the express agreement of the client, we will do our utmost to resolve complaints at a local level to avoid it escalating

Where a formal complaint is made (either verbally and/or in writing); the complaint will be acknowledged within 2 working days of the complaint being received (unless a full reply can be sent within 5 working days). The complainant will be informed that their complaint will be investigated and that they will receive written notification of the outcome within 25 working days of receipt of the complaint. Where the investigation may be prolonged, the complainant will be kept informed of the anticipated completion date and a full response made within 5 working days of a conclusion being reached.

In the case of IPL treatments, the complainant should be advised that they may at any stage elect to refer their complaint to the Care Standards Inspectorate for Wales whereupon they will be advised of their complaints’ procedure. All IPL complaints will be documented and copies held with the client’s individual record and the complaints’ master file.

Healthcare Inspectorate Wales
Welsh Government
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